Ferenc Snétberger (acoustic guitar); Anders Jormin (bass); Ferenc Németh (drums)
Ferenc Snétberger is a Kossuth and Liszt Prize-winner guitarist and founder of the Snétberger Music Talent Centre that gives disadvantaged children music teaching programmes. His music has deep and wide roots, organically combining Roma and Latin American traditions, with jazz and classical music influences. The album Titok recorded in Oslo in 2015 and released in April 2017 by prestigious record label ECM makes this imperative for diversity even clearer because the other two members of the trio are Anders Jormin, Swedish bass player (master of improvisation teaching as well as being an expert of Cuban and Mozambique folk music), and American drummer legend Joey Baron. Despite (or perhaps because of) their disparate musical backgrounds, the three artists play in perfect harmony, and since the stress is on melodic improvisation in their new release, the audience can hear a sung dialogue between guitar and bass, to which the drums add a sensitive rhythmic background. For this concert at a-trane, Snétberger and Jormin are joined by none other than New York resident Ferenc Németh on drums.

Liszt Academy Concert Centre
October 01, 2017 (Sunday) | 21:00
Titok with Anders Jormin and Joey Baron | 2017

US media on Ferenc Snétberger‘s Titok with Anders Jormin and Joey Baron

Ferenc Snetberger’s style is just as distinctive in this trio setting as it was solo: blending classical, jazz, Gypsy jazz, and Latin American musics, but melded together into a singular voice. Jormin and Baron are completely attuned—nylon-string guitar fans should take note.
Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz

Hungarian guitarist Ferenc Snétberger is fairly new to the ECM Records roster, making a huge impact with his solo debut ‘In Concert’ a few years ago, but is now back in a big way with a trio that also features drummer Joey Baron and double bassist Anders Jormin. Their debut together is titled ‘Titok’, which is comprised of 13 tracks of inspired arrangements and plenty of sizzling musical interplay between the three players. From the outset, Barons steady rhythms allow Snétberger & Jormin to weave some incredible melodies around each other […] As daring as some of these compositions are, theres a certain subtlety that is also quite refreshing, as none of the players goes too far out into charts unknown but still manage to dazzle nonetheless. […] ‘Titok’ is a lovely little album with a nice mix of more exploratory pieces as well as shorter, charming compositions. Lets hope we hear more from this dazzling trio in the years to come.
Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility
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