Snétberger Quartet
Ferenc Snétberger guitar
Tzumo piano
József Barcza Horváth double bass
Toni Snétberger drums 
 Snétberger Quartet
Ferenc Snétberger has travelled a long way from Salgótarján to international fame.
The upward sweep of his career has continued for three decades. He was searching
for his own voice. An unmistakeable, intimate voice, consisting simultaneously of classical
grounding, Roma tradition, flamenco and jazz. This is what has distinguished him
in a crowded field.
The Ferenc Snétberger Quartet and the students of the Snétberger Musical Talent
Centre: Ferenc Snétberger guitar, Árpád Oláh Tzumó keyboard, piano, József Barcza
Horváth db-bass, double-bass, Toni Snétberger drums.
The Kossuth prize-winner, Ferenc Snétberger, will
play with his quartet of excellent musicians. Árpád Oláh Tzumo, Berklee scholarship
holder, hardly needs introducing to the Hungarian audience, neither does József Barcza
Horváth, one-time double-bass player for the Festival Orchestra and prize-winner
at numerous jazz competitions. Toni Snétberger is known  not just as a jazz
drummer, but also as an actor.