Markus Stockhausen trombita, szárnykürt
Snétberger Ferenc klasszikus gitár
Arild Andersen nagybőgő
Patrice Héral percussion
Enja 9468 2

1. Gio (8:59)
2. Basswave (5:13)
3. Madhawi (6:43)
4. Gommé (4:09)
5. Joyosa (5:16)
6. Mona (4:57)
7. Freund (8:26)
8. Our Father (6:51)
9. Jasmin (2:52)
10. The Waltz (4:39)

In 1997 trumpeter Markus Stockhausen and bass legend Arild Andersen started working in a duo context and added drummer Patrice Héral one year later to form a trio. On the other hand guitar virtuoso Ferenc Snétberger had been playing duets with both Stockhausen and Héral. Because of the good vibrations between all four of them it was a natural step forward when in 2002 Stockhausen, Snétberger, Andersen and Héral founded a pan-European collective working quartet based on their common artistic experiences.